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At Kingston Refrigeration Ltd, we can supply a wide range of Mueller Milk Cooling solutions to suit your requirements.  We gaurantee all products are designed, produced, installed and serviced to the highest industry quality standards.  

Mueller O and P Series

Chosen by farmers throughout the world Mueller Milk cooling tanks are at the core of  Muellers extensive range of dairy products.  Manufactured in the Netherlands Mueller Milk Cooling Tanks are produced from 100% polished stainless steel 

Mueller O Series Cooling Tanks
Mueller P Series Tanks

Features Include:


  • Digital temperature indication

  • 3,25" (DN80) stainless steel milk outlet with butterfly valve and plut

  • Built-on stainless steel housing for control system

  • Cleaning water level control

  • Automatic detergent dosing and control system with automated switch to acid

  • Built-in milk guard functions

  • Deep cool switch

  • Automatic commencement of cooling

  • Seamless outer casing

  • Heavy duty adjustable legs with beam profile, ensuring uniform distribution of weight and floor load

Mueller O and P Series

Mueller O Series Capacity of 1,725 litres to 33,000

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or Click Here to take a look at some of our Mueller O Series installations

Mueller P Series Capacity of 1,300 litres to 25,000

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or Click Here to take a look at some of our Mueller O Series installations

Mueller HiPerForm E-Star

Mueller High Perform E-Star

A Mueller bulk milk cooling tank combined with the world patented  Mueller HiPerForm ‘E-Star®‘ refrigeration unit offers the dairy farmer an unrivalled milk cooling system.



The Mueller HiPerForm ‘E-Star’ is designed to handle the large temperature changes required  to cool milk by flooding the entire milk coolers evaporator with liquid refrigerant which will result in maximum refrigeration efficiency. 


The HiPerForm also enables the compressor to operate at cooler temperatures which again will result in longer compressor life, less maintenance and lower energy consumption.  Institutional tests show that the ‘E-Star’ provides energy savings of up to 27% compared to standard refrigeration units.

Mueller HighPerForm E-Star
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Mueller Bulk Milk Silo

Designed to provide large capacity milk storage and cooling particularly where space is at a premium.  The Mueller Silo tank contains its patented Temp-Plate® evaporators (cooling plates) which are carefully spot welded to the inner milk vessel.  The unit also has an optional side evaporator making it possible to connect 3 E-Star condensing units.

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Choosing between a vertical and horziontal tank - Read more
HighPerForm E-Star
Mueller Bulk Milk Silo

Mueller Fre-Heater

Drastically reduce your costs of heating water with the addition of a Mueller Fre-Heater

Regardless of your farm size, every farm requires plenty of hot water for equipment cleanup, cow prepping, and feeding calves.


The Mueller Fre-Heater recovers wasted heat from your milk cooler’s condensing unit and uses it to heat water which can be used for calf feeding or cleaning.  


Reduce your production costs and increase you profitability by adding a Fre-Heater to your milk cooling system 

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